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Promising young sport horses for sale - Proven horses with current form - Junior - Young Rider Event horses, up to 4*and Olympic prospects.


This is a service for all of you that feel a bit lost in the internet jungle of horse adverts!

Have you ever traveled for miles only to find out that the horse described was not as you expected? Perhaps the "over enthusiastic" seller has got a little carried away with the description of his/her "one in a million" horse? Or perhaps has tactfully  omitted some more than relevant information?

What about videos!? There are very professionally well made videos out there, and there are very poorly made clips done by horsey people with little time or skills. The former will probably lead to a disappointment in the actual horse when you will eventually seeing it in the flash, and the latter will more likely result in missing out on a good horse because you didn't get in the car quick enough. 

In my experience there is no substitute than trying the animals yourself, talk to the people face to face, get that "feel" that is impossible to transmit with technology. And last but not least, is is important to deal with honest real horsemen that understand the horses and your needs. 

Here is when I step in: 

I have chosen to be an Horse Agent for passion!  After many years as a professional rider I have a full understanding of the needs of both vendors and buyers (and I like to think of the horses too!) I have gained the respect and the trust through the years of many top fellow riders, breeders and producers across the Country and Worldwide. I work independently and I take great pride in matching the best horses with the right riders. 

In working with Verdina Sport Horses you will choose professionalism - transparency - knowledge and experience. Quality horses realistically represented, reputable stables and personally selected contacts. You will benefit (if requested) from an expert independent honest evaluation of the horses suitability accordingly to your riding skills and future goals.

Myself and my team are constantly strive to be the best in what we do, always looking to improve our services and helping both professional and amateur riders in their search for the best equine partner. 


Andrea Verdina BSHI


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Below are only a small section of currently featured horses. Don't forget to check the relevant categories as more horses are listed.

Let us know what you are looking for and we will be in touch with matching horses for you to view.


Featured Horses


Talented young horse easy to produce


Top horse in the making!



Quality horse on his way up the grades


Junior medal prospect!


PLACED 2nd in a CCI* - Scope for much more!

Top Children On Horses / YR / Amateur 1.30 Horse

A stunning, careful and classy litte mare ! 

Would be perfect for a rider who wants to win or a child making the transition to horses.

Competed in FEI shows all over Europe


Athletic young horse with lots of potential 





Agency Service

Over the years we have built up an extensive network of contacts with riders, dealers and producers across the world. We will arrange visits to both selected establishments and private yards, to view and experience handpicked sporthorses suitable for your needs. Please complete your information below to register your interest and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Mailing List

Our mailing list is designed to keep you up to date with new horses, events and other opportunities that you may find of interest. This will also include information on Horses that are being "softly marketed" as well as other information that we may not publish on our website. Please complete your details below and we will update you as details and information becomes available.

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"I bought my mare from Andrea in July 2008. The service I received was perfect with every detail taken care of. I had previously been looking for a horse for months and arranging times, days and travel arrangements were always such a hassle. With Andrea I saw a lot of top class horses all of which were suited to my criteria. The horse I bought has been perfect for me and since buying her we have had a very successful season. I will definitely be using this service again and recommend it to anyone that is looking for a serious horse."
Miss N. French
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